8 May 2014

27th October 1981

GULL 08 45n 17w 21:58 F190 46n 15w 22:16, 48n 10w 23:11, 49n 08w 23:20, LND/Lands End 23:35 (turning point), 49n 08w 00:03, destination Lajes.
Sending regular met' reports to Lajes Metro and Rhein Main 'Monitor' via 'phone patch.

USAF, WC-130, 65-0963 from 55 WRS (working Croughton Airways on 6750)

MAC 90008 58n 20w 22:16 F350 58n 30w 23:08, 57n 40w next, outside temp' -52°C, wind 260/50, destination Goose Bay.
"There is a lovely show of the Northern Lights here tonight!"

USAF, C-5A, 69-0008

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