13 February 2015

11th December 1981

GAF 5096 44n 40w 00:00, F220, 46n 45w 01:07, 48n 50w next, outside temp' -27°C, wind 280/66

German Air Force, C-160, 50+96, working Santa Maria on 5610

MAC 60178 LOACH 00:09, F290 req' F370, CHAMP 00:18, FLANN next, then SLATN, our No. 1 HF is out.

USAF, C-141, 66-0178, working New York on 8945

LEVI 32 departed RAF Mildenhall 08:16, F220, 57n 10w 10:17, destination CYYR (Goose Bay) 17:20, approaching Pole Hill over the UK this time, presently working London Airways as we have negative contact with Shanwick or Croughton.

USAF, C-130, working Lajes Airways on 6750
[LEVI 49 was also heard working Lajes on this frequency but no position report copied]

MAC 40610 departed Charleston, 50n 30w 13:17, F370, 50n 20w 14:02, 50n 08w then LND (Lands End), ETA Frankfurt 16:15. Requested the weather at Frankfurt for 16:15, Ramstein at 16:45 and Torrejon 18:30. Weather not great at Frankfurt, with visibility one mile in rain and snow, cloud 5/8 at 600' and 8/8 at 10,000', temp' +1°C. Subsequently monitored on a 'phone patch to the Command Post advising status A1, with 20 pax.

USAF, C-141, 64-0610, working Croughton Airways on 11176

HERKY 32 49n 08w 13:43, 45n 11.20w next, 45n 20w 14:54, F220, 44.06n 12w 15:xx, STG (Santiago) next

USAF, C-130, working Croughton Airways on 11176

TOKEN 73, departed Fairford 14:33, F310, est' 10w 16:01, 62n 30w 17:36, ETA KMIB (Minot AFB) 12/00:18. Call Shanwick on 123.95 for your Oceanic clearance. Negative VHF on this aircraft, request a UHF frequency; OK, call on HF 8889 or 5610.

USAF, C-135, working Croughton Airways on 11176

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