8 April 2015

13th February 1982

RESCUE 57 46.40n 24.38w 10:10, F020, 47.20n 22.20w 10:46, 50n 08w 12:05, ETA St.Mawgan 12:10, Mach .69, re-cleared F290

Royal Air Force, HS.801 Nimrod

AF RESCUE 95827 47.04n 24.16w 17:00 F210, 48.00n 20w 17:39, presently at 500', routing back via 49n 15w, 50n 08w 19:05, LND/Lands End, ETB EGVG (Woodbridge) 20:30.
We only found one dinghy and search is now called off.

USAF 67ARRS, HC-130, 69-5827

[Photo: at RIAT on 23rd June 1979 © Shaun Connor]

KING 23 42n 20w 17:13 F170, 45n 17w 18:10, 48.20n 10w 19:09, 49n 08w 19:35

USAF, 67ARRS, HC-130, 69-5823

All the above were involved in the attempted rescue of 31 sailors from the Greek 12,487 ton tanker 'Victory' that broke up during a storm some 500 miles north of the Azores on 12th February 1982. Sixteen sailors were saved by a Dutch helicopter having clung to the stern of the split tanker for 33 hours. The remaining 16 sailors were lost at sea, with the body of one being removed from a life raft, in 30' seas and winds reaching 70 mph. The search was called off at 17:00 after 20 life rafts dropped by rescue aircraft were found to be empty.

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