22 February 2016

14th March 1982

ALLOY 2601 57n 20w 08:42 climbing F190 to F210, 57n 10w 09:45, ADN/Aberdeen next. At 10w call Scottish on 324.4 UHF

Canadian Air Force (?) CC-130, working Shanwick on 5673

C-FROC 53n 30w 09:20 F410 52n 20w 10:02, 51n 10w next, wind 280/7-, outside temp' -48°C

Gulfstream 2, C-FROC, working Shanwick on 5624

[Photo: C-FROC at London/Gatwick on 9th May 1981; © Steve Barnes]

N679RW 52n 30w 06:03 F410 53n 20w 06:45, 53n 15w next

Gulfstream 2, N679RW working Shanwick 5673

N678RW 52n 30w 06:14 F390, 53n 20w 06:56, 53n 15w next

Gulfstream 2, N678RW, working Shanwick 5673

TW842 50n 30w 06:01 F370, 50n 20w 06:41, 49n 08w next, ETA Milan 09:10, wind 275/39, outside temp' -56°C, aircraft # 17125

Trans World Airlines, B.747-131, N93117 working Shanwick on 5673
This aircraft was withdrawn from use and stored at Mojave, where it was broken up in October 1998.

[Photo: N93117 departing London, Heathrow in April 1973; © Ed. Walton]
TW840 50n 30w 06:05 F350, 50n 20w 06:46, 49n 08w next, Mach .84, wind 285/82, outside temp' -58°C, aircraft # 17125
Trans World Airlines, B.747-136, N17125 working Gander on 5673.
This aircraft was damaged beyond repair on take-off from JFK on 20th December 1995 whilst operating as N605FF and subsequently broken up there in 1996.
[Photo: N17125 departing Athens on 6th May 1985; © Peter Cook]

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