22 February 2016

16th March 1982

GAF 5089 OSCAR 20:28 43.12n 35w 21:30, F240, 45n 40w 22:35, 46.40n 45w 23:39, 48n 50w 00:36, ETA CYQX/Gander 01:00, wind 320/80, outside temp' -38°C

German Air Force, C-160, 50+89

VVV LM02 40n 15w 21:08, F270, 37.50n 10w 21:49, LGS/Logos next

U S Navy, P-3, working Lajes Airways on 6750

YV-433CP 45n 43.30w 21:44 F390, 47n 50w 22:25, St.Johns next

Learjet 35, YV-433CP, working New York on 8945

NP620 FZ 22:12, 35n 22.30w 22:37 F150, 32.38n 20w 23:08, 31.02n 18.22w 23:31, ETA Tenerife 00:11, endurance 04+55, SelCal ALBK

Heavylift Cargo, Shorts Belfast, G-BEPS working Santa Maria on 5610 and then called Canaries on 6610 but got no response.
This aircraft was previously with the Royal Air Force as XR368 "Theseus".

[Photo: G-BEPS at Dublin on 30th September 1997, © Carl Ford]

[Photo: G-BEPS being broken up at Southend on 25th October 2008, © Keith Burton]

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