22 February 2016

18th March 1982

RRR 4930 53n 20w 18:39, F270, 53n 15w 19:08, o/head SNN next, wind 225/50, outside temp' -43°C

Royal Air Force, C-130K

AE 67956 dep Bermuda 21:23, DANER 22:17, F390, CHAMP 22:50, LYNAS next, ETA Andrews AFB 24:00, with four litters and 10 ambulatory patients

USAF Medivac flight, C-141, 66-7956, working MacDill Airways with a 'phone patch to Andrews on DSN 858-6632

OTIS 04 33.39n 68.27w 23:40 F220 BACUS 23:41, Weeksville next, penetration ADIZ (Air Defense Ident Zone) at 34.02n 70.37w 23:04

USMC, KC-130 working MacDill Airways on 8989, switched to 6746. MacDill also called the OTIS 08 on this frequency but no response.

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