20 February 2016

4th March 1982

D-INEF 45.55.9n 46.33.2w 20:28 F290 45.25n 45w 20:38, 43.40n 40w 21:35, MIKE 23:32

D-INEF Beech King Air 200, position report relayed via TAP302 and GAF 5103 on 8945 and 5610. Flight lost his HF.
This aircraft was later operated by Schreiner Airways as PH-SKP and 5B-CJM. Possibly written-off on 9th September 2014 at Noumea IAP, French Overseas.

RRR 2754 48n 50w 23:11 F370 50n 40w 23:57, ETA destination 03:00, SelCal CFAE

Royal Air Force VC-10, XV104, working Shanwick and Gander on 5610

HZ-AHL on the ground at London, Heathrow, requesting a radio check and SelCal on DEBH

Saudi Arabian Airlines, L.1011 TriStar, HZ-AHL

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