14 June 2016

5th April 1982

JOYCE 51 57n 20w 06:52, F250, 56.30n 15w 07:30, 56n 10w next, outside temp' -40°C, wind 350/55, mission number AJ2.

USAF, C-130, working Croughton Airways on 6750

RRR 2800 45n 14w 06:59 F390, 49n 08w 07:41, DINARD next, request routing direct to RAF Brize Norton

RAF, VC-10 with Sir. Rex Hunt, the Governor of the Falkland Islands aboard. This was just after the start of the Falklands war, which commenced on 2nd April.

RRR 4744 received oceanic clearance to Lyneham via 49n 08w dct LND/Lands End
45n 09.26w 07:31 F270, 47n 08w 08:21

RAF, C-130

RFR MAR74 departed EGDG/St.Mawgan 16:33, 49n 08w 17:00, F330, 45n 17w 18:00, 40n 25w 19:25, destination Lajes. Mach .69

RAF, tanker, supporting the Falkland war effort

RRR 4759 Porto Santo 21:05, 31.55n 17.45w 21:25, F230, 30n 20w 21:58, request F240, SelCal AHGM

RAF, C-130, XV179; supporting the Falkland war effort, working Santa Maria on 5610

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