22 August 2016

27th June 1982

SE-DDU HID/Hidra 09:02, F330, STG/Santiago 09:25, BARKO next, wind 267/71, outside temp' -44°C, call Madrid on 135.6 VHF

Leased to Arista International from SAS, DC-8-62, SE-DDU working Santa Maria on 8945

[Photo: © Chris Chennell]

[The aircraft finally served with Airborne Express from 1987 as N762UA and was broken up at Wilmington in 2004.]

MAC 00447 48n 40w 09:06, F330, 49n 30w 09:52, 50n 20w 10:37, 50n 08w 11:26, LND (Lands End) next, temp -57°C, relay to AK2

USAF C-5A, 70-0447, working Gander on 8945

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