28 October 2016

Book on the history of Birdlip Radio Station

Interested in the history of U.K. HF aeronautical communications? Well, you might find my recent book (see image below) covering the development, role and subsequent decline of this vital radio station, which had strong association with both Shannon Aeradio (Ballygirreen) and Prestwick.
This 329 page, A4, soft-back book includes over 170 black and white illustrations as well as multiple tables of frequencies, call-signs and charts from the period.

Please contact me at downrange@eircom.net for further details, postage costs and payment options (PayPal is accepted, plus other choices).

Many thanks, Colin


[Image of both the front & rear covers (click image to enlarge)]

22 August 2016

27th June 1982

SE-DDU HID/Hidra 09:02, F330, STG/Santiago 09:25, BARKO next, wind 267/71, outside temp' -44°C, call Madrid on 135.6 VHF

Leased to Arista International from SAS, DC-8-62, SE-DDU working Santa Maria on 8945

[Photo: © Chris Chennell]

[The aircraft finally served with Airborne Express from 1987 as N762UA and was broken up at Wilmington in 2004.]

29th May 1982

MAF02 38.54n 15w 21:29 F290 39n 20w 22:00, 38n 22w 22:30, S. Miguel next, then routing 38.54n 15w, 38n 20w, ECHO, Santa Maria, Mach .79

Mexican Air Force, B.727-51, TP-02, Fleet number XC-UJB, working Shanwick on 5610

[Photo: © Robert M Campbell]

22nd May 1982

N125US 55n 15w 08:29 F210 55n 10w 09:01

Shillelaghs of Washington, L-188, N125US, working Shanwick on 8945

RRR 4108 40n 17w 08:35 F290, req' F330, 45n 17w 09:30, 49n 08w 10:33, LND/Lands End next, wind 230/62, outside temp' -37°C, SelCal AKCH

Royal Air Force, C-130K, XV297 working Santa Maria on 8945

VVV LV36 37.40n 10w 08:10 F260 38.53n 15w 08:49, 39n 20w 09:36, BRAVO nxt, then BRAVO RADAR, destination Lajes, TAS 330 kts

U S Navy, P-3, working Santa Maria on 8945

19th May 1982

G-AWYR radio check with Shanwick on 5610

British Caledonian Airways, Bac 1-11-501, G-AWYR

CFC 0106 40n 15w 22:16 F290, ORTOP 23:18, destination Gibraltar

Canadian Air Force, CP-140 Aurora, 140106 working Santa Maria on 5610

15 June 2016

13th May 1982

VVV 149676 44n 40w 06:15 F280 44n 45w 06:56, 43.30n 50w next

U S Navy, P-3, 149676 working Santa Maria on 5610

[Photo: 149676 at Prestwick in September 1977 © Ian Ossy]
G-BJXN with a ground radio check at London, Gatwick, request SelCal check on AMDH
British Caledonian Airways, B.747-230, G-BJXN working Shanwick on 5610

8th May 1982

COOKY 11 41n 40w 08:55 F290 39.30n 31.14w 10:04, FS next, ETA Lajes 10:40, with three PAX, outside temp' -34°C, wind 240/28

COOKY 17 41n 40w 09:07 F240, LIMA 10:13, FS next, ETA Lajes 11:14, with 20 PAX

COOKY 12 ETA Lajes 10:25, with 13 PAX

Three USAF C-130's working New York on 8945 and Lajes Airways on 8967