22 August 2016

27th June 1982

SE-DDU HID/Hidra 09:02, F330, STG/Santiago 09:25, BARKO next, wind 267/71, outside temp' -44°C, call Madrid on 135.6 VHF

Leased to Arista International from SAS, DC-8-62, SE-DDU working Santa Maria on 8945

[Photo: © Chris Chennell]

[The aircraft finally served with Airborne Express from 1987 as N762UA and was broken up at Wilmington in 2004.]

29th May 1982

MAF02 38.54n 15w 21:29 F290 39n 20w 22:00, 38n 22w 22:30, S. Miguel next, then routing 38.54n 15w, 38n 20w, ECHO, Santa Maria, Mach .79

Mexican Air Force, B.727-51, TP-02, Fleet number XC-UJB, working Shanwick on 5610

[Photo: © Robert M Campbell]

22nd May 1982

N125US 55n 15w 08:29 F210 55n 10w 09:01

Shillelaghs of Washington, L-188, N125US, working Shanwick on 8945

RRR 4108 40n 17w 08:35 F290, req' F330, 45n 17w 09:30, 49n 08w 10:33, LND/Lands End next, wind 230/62, outside temp' -37°C, SelCal AKCH

Royal Air Force, C-130K, XV297 working Santa Maria on 8945

VVV LV36 37.40n 10w 08:10 F260 38.53n 15w 08:49, 39n 20w 09:36, BRAVO nxt, then BRAVO RADAR, destination Lajes, TAS 330 kts

U S Navy, P-3, working Santa Maria on 8945

19th May 1982

G-AWYR radio check with Shanwick on 5610

British Caledonian Airways, Bac 1-11-501, G-AWYR

CFC 0106 40n 15w 22:16 F290, ORTOP 23:18, destination Gibraltar

Canadian Air Force, CP-140 Aurora, 140106 working Santa Maria on 5610

15 June 2016

13th May 1982

VVV 149676 44n 40w 06:15 F280 44n 45w 06:56, 43.30n 50w next

U S Navy, P-3, 149676 working Santa Maria on 5610

[Photo: 149676 at Prestwick in September 1977 © Ian Ossy]
G-BJXN with a ground radio check at London, Gatwick, request SelCal check on AMDH
British Caledonian Airways, B.747-230, G-BJXN working Shanwick on 5610

8th May 1982

COOKY 11 41n 40w 08:55 F290 39.30n 31.14w 10:04, FS next, ETA Lajes 10:40, with three PAX, outside temp' -34°C, wind 240/28

COOKY 17 41n 40w 09:07 F240, LIMA 10:13, FS next, ETA Lajes 11:14, with 20 PAX

COOKY 12 ETA Lajes 10:25, with 13 PAX

Three USAF C-130's working New York on 8945 and Lajes Airways on 8967

7th May 1982

COOKY 18 41n 40w 20:41 F250 40.10n 35w 21:17, LIMA 21:56, FS next, destination LPLA/Lajes, with a crew of 13 and will remain overnight.

USAF, C-130 working Lajes Airways on 13244

RRR 2742 30n 20w 21:46 F370 re-cleared F390 35n 19w 22:39, 40n 16.43w next, then 45n 14w 00:15, 49n 08w 01:00, Mach .82, SelCal BLHJ

RAF, VC-10, XV101 working Santa Maria on 5610.

RRR 4273 45n 14w 21:08 F270, 49n 08w 22:16, LND/Lands End 22:38, wind 300/10, outside temp' -44°C, SelCal AJBH

RAF, C-130K, XV190 working Shanwick on 5610

GAF 5093 46.40n 45w 21:53 F230 45n 40w 22:43, 42n 35w 23:40, MIKE next, wind 330/30, outside temp' -32°C

German Air Force, C-160, 50+93

RFR BYK82 departed FHAW/Ascension, routing 30n 25/35n 20w/45n 13w/49n 08w/LND at F390, Mach .84, destination EGYM/RAF Marham, we are a 'military four jet'. Reported 30n 25w 22:16, 35n 20w 23:00, 45n 13w 23:59. Appeared to be a flight of two, BYK82 + BYK80.

RAF, Victor/s (?) working Santa Maria on 5610