5 December 2018

1st October 1982

DORIS 31 flight 56n 10w 13:08, blocking F260/270, 56n 20w 14:05, DORIS 31 ETB EGUN 17:55, DORIS 32 ETB EGUN 16:08, DORIS 31 returning at 30w at 14:59. Supporting RETRO 71/72 flight, departed Lakenheath 12:02, ETA Loring AFB 18:32

Two USAF KC-135s, supporting two F-15s westbound to the States.

AE 38090 57n 10w 13:14 F370 59n 20w 14:01, 59n 30w next

USAF Medivac C-141 Starlifter, 63-8090

TREAD 91 61n 09w 14:20 F270, 63.29n 14.36w 14:48, relay RED6

USAF RC-135?, working Croughton Radio on 9011

29th September 1982

Danish AF 313 00 long 22:14, F390, 64n 10w 22:57. 66n 20w next, endurance 05+36

Danish Air Force, Gulfstream III, F-313 working Iceland on 5624

3 December 2018

Book on the history of Birdlip communication centre - Revised Edition

Following the sell-out of my previous work on this topic, I have now (December 2018) published a revised, enlarged edition, containing 470 pages, with over 250 illustrations of this vital aeronautical communication complex.

Images of the book covers are show below (click to enlarge):-

This book is available from me at a cost of STG£30.00 (including p&p to all mainland U.K. addresses), PayPal accepted, via downrange@eircom.net 
Any questions regarding this new edition should be addressed to me via the above e-mail.

16 August 2017

26th September 1982

MAC 59404 53n 20w 10:51, F410, 53n 15w 11:14, SNN next, destination EGUN (RAF Mildenhall), outside temp' -56°C, wind 290/30

USAF, 65-9404, C-141 Starlifter, working Shanwick on 8910

LH454 61n 03.15w 10:53, F330, 64n 10w 11:21, cleared to San Francisco via 64/10, 67/20, 69/30, 70/40, 71/50, 72/60, 72/70 at F330, Mach .83

Lufthansa working Iceland on 8910

RRR2878 56n 20w 11:02, F350, 56n 30w 11:47, 55n 40w next, outside temp' -52°C, wind 240/20, SelCal EGAK

Royal Air Force, VC-10, XV108 working Shanwick on 8910

Gulfstream N122DJ 55n 20w 11:02, F390, 55n 30w 11:49, 54n 40w next

Gulfstream 2, N122DJ, working Shanwick on 8910. Since broken up as N122DU in February 2008

AC881Q 57n 10w 11:10, F350, 58n 20w 11:50, 58n 30w next, SelCal FJDK

Air Canada, L-1011, C-FTNI working Shanwick

SE-DBI 43n 13w 14:34, F310, request oceanic clearance at Mach .80, SelCal BCAK

SAS, DC-8-62, SE-DBI  leased to Arista International, working Santa Maria

19th September 1982

RRR 4837 45n 14w 08:26, F220, 40n 17w 09:28, 35n 19w next, outside temp' -22°C, wind light & variable, request F240, SelCal AJLM

Royal Air Force, C-130K, XV221

5th September 1982

AXI 601 20w 07:40, F170, 53n 15w 08:16, SNN 08:56, CML 09:11, request F190, wind 350/90

Canadian Air Force (?), CC-130E, working Shanwick on 5673

VVV JM1C3 radio check on 5673, enroute to USS ship, 50n 09w 08:50, will call going operational and return.

US Navy flight from 'USS America' (CV-66), exercising off Scotland, working Shanwick on 5673

18th August 1982

N575SF 54n 30w 07:51, F410, 54n 20w 08:32, 54n 15w next

Gulfstream 2, N575SF working Shanwick on 5673