28 November 2013

7th December 1980

RNoAF 6603 69.30n 10e 09:59, F240, 69.30n 00 10:39, 69n 10w 11:26, 68n 20w 12:23, now at F240. Routing via 63.30n 39w, NA, 59n 50w, Goose Bay airways to KNHZ (Brunswick NAS).

Royal Norwegian Air Force, P-3, 603 (copied via Bodo on 8910)

VP-VAI called by Shanwick on 8910 and 5624, no response
Shanwick advised Iceland that the flight was working Scottish Airways on VHF but lost contact and has now come onto the ocean without any oceanic clearance.
RFR (RAFair) 99XO also tried to call the flight on 56.38 and 121.5 VHF and 127.5 VHF, but no joy.
Eventually LH451 raised the flight on 122.2 VHF and advised Shanwick that the flight has no digital HF, only channel based and does not know what frequency to call on; now at 11w.
Estimating 61n 12.34w 11:55, descending to F080 and asked to call Iceland on 127.9 VHF on 61n

Mustique Airways, Beech 58 Baron, VP-VAI.

This aircraft was initially registered as F-ODMJ in 1980 and routed Gander - Shannon on 06/09/1980 and then onto Paris, Le Bourget on 09/09/1980. It was reserved as ZS-KMN but never taken up.
It returned westbound from Le Bourget to Stornoway on 06/09/1980 and then onto Reykjavik  as per the above report.
Late in 1982 the VP- marks were changed to J8- and noted at Miami as such on 06/10/1982.

[Photo: wearing its J8- marks, © Rosedale7175]

[Thanks to Bernard MacNamara for providing the history details]


  1. if F-ODMJ this would make it c/n TH-153. TH-153 was registered as N9196Q and cancelled 07/09/1980 as sold to South Africa. ZS-KMN is well photographed on air Britan and is not a winglet B58, so is almost certainly not j8-VAI
    Regards - Rosedale 7175

  2. Hi Rosedale7175, Many thanks for your input, obviously more research required at my end! Feedback such as yours is always appreciated. Regards, Banterops