20 March 2014

26th September 1981

MAC 679748 48n 10w 15:20 F370, 46n 15w 15:54, 45n 17w 16:07, 43.30n 20w 16:33, outside temp' -44°C

USAF, C-141A, 66-7948 working Croughton Airways on 11176

TROUT 99 departed Manchester 15:21 56n 10w 16:03 F310, 57n 20w 16:44, 58n 30w 17:29, 58n 40w next, ETA Andrews AFB 22:50

USAF (VIP), C-135C, 61-2669 (working Croughton Airways on 11176)
This aircraft was operated by the 412th Test Squadron, 412th Test Wing at Edwards AFB, and carried the nickname 'Speckled Trout' (hence the call-sign) and was used as a VIP transport for the USAF Chief of Staff.

[Photo: at Fairford on 23rd July 1999 © the author]

WD 411 61n 10w 15:55 F330, 66n 20w 16:40, 69n 30w next, outside temp' -56°C, wind 190/65, SelCal DHGJ

Wardair Canada Ltd., B.747, CF-DJC (working Shanwick on 8910)

INCA 89 63n 30w 16:32 F240, 61n 40w 17:26, OZN/Prins Christian next

USAF, C-130 (?) (working Iceland on 8888)

Boeing N3791G departed Manston 16:54, 53n 15w 18:25, F280, 53n 20w 18:49, 53n 30w next, 53.20n 40w then 50n 50w destination Gander, SelCal HMCF

Jet Power Inc, B.707-321, N3791G (working Shanwick on 5673) (I also copied it on VHF working Shannon that day at STU/Strumble 17:37 and o/h Shannon 17:57, F260]
[This machine was previously N720PA with PAA and later G-AYVG before becoming N3791G. It was broken up at Miami in October 1983]

[Photo: at East Midlands, UK on 23rd August 1980 © Steve Barnes]

CFC 762 57n 10w 17:22 F330, 58n 20w 18:03, 59n 30w 18:46, 59n 40w next, SelCal FMJL

Canadian Air Force, CC-137, 13703

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